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How to get a shelf company in South Africa


shelf company is a business that is already incorporated, and all legal requirements are accomplished.The shelf company is registered, incorporated and sold through accounting or law firms. The most important advantage of a shelf company is that it can start its business activity after being bought by an investor. If you are interested in opening a business in South Africa, our company formation specialists in South Africa can help you get started with the process of buying one.

Main characteristics of shelf companies in South Africa

 Usually, a shelf company in South Africa is incorporated as a private limited(pty ltd) or not for profit company(npc). The company has founding members, directors and a registered address in South Africa and it can be set up by either an individual, either a legal entity. Our company formation agents can offer you more details about this type of company.  Buying a shelf company can also offer time saving advantages, otherwise spent with choosing a market, applying a business plan and incorporating the company.  

Documents received after buying

 You can set up your business in South Africa after the purchase of the shelf company. When buying a company, you have to receive the following documents: 

  • • 14.3 Certificate;
  • •Memorandum of incorporation;
  • • Documents attesting the legal address of the company;
  • • FNB Business account documents and bank cards;
  • • Share certificates(2 or more directors/shareholders;
  • • Business welcome letter.

Who can buy shelf companies in South Africa?

Shelf companies in South Africa can be purchased by local and foreign entrepreneurs looking for a fast start on the market, without having to wait for all the incorporation procedures. The ownership transfer needs to be considered at the time a shelf company is bought in South Africa. This is often the choice of foreign investors who would rather skip any formalities linked to company registration in South Africa and instead purchase a ready-made company. All the details about the ownership transfer of a shelf company in South Africa can be explained by one of our company formation specialists

How fast can I buy a shelf company in South Africa?

The process of ownership transfer starts immediately, as soon as you made a request to our company formation representatives or if you place an order on our online shop. You can buy a company within a few days, as soon as the documents are accepted by the registrar of companies.

Grounds for buying a shelf company

Shelf companies can be purchased for many considerations, but the main purpose of an entrepreneur is to establish his/her business presence in a fast manner without waiting for the entire incorporation procedure. Having no operations make shelf companies top choices for foreign investors and local business people.. Also, shelf companies can activate in the particular sector you are interested in. Because there are no debts or liabilities, shelf companies are preferred by many entrepreneurs wanting a safe business environment. Also, there is no need to consider the incorporation formalities and the time spent until the company is registered, and that because the shelf companies are already registered. If you would like to know more click this link , BUY SHELF COMPANIES NOW HERE