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Shelf Company in South Africa

Buying a shelf company can be the simplest and fastest entry in the South African business market. Let our team advise you first. We offer already founded, clean and properly maintained limited companies for sale as shelf companies.

What are the benefits of our service package “Shelf Company in South Africa”?

The shelf companies offered by us:

  • Are already founded by us in the legal form of South African pty ltd companies;
  • Are registered in the South Africa by CIPC;
  • Are registered with all proper national institutions;
  • Have the necessary tax- and registration numbers;
  • Are properly maintained and updated.
  • Comes with an FNB Business account(optional).
  • Are registered at one of our good legal addresses;
  • Through the purchase of a shelf company you can save time and efforts so that you can start your business in South Africa faster. By buying a shelf company you can spare yourself the process of business foundation, registration in the commercial register, the registration with the responsible national authorities and the commissioning of the bank accounts.

By buying a shelf company from us, you will not only acquire the company, but also the services, months/years of existence which are essential for a quick and smooth commencement of business:

  • 100% legal address in South Africa;
  • Continuous and professional support in terms of accounting and taxes by one of our accountants;

Further reasons to workwith Shelf Companies For Sale PTY LTD in South Africa

  • we are a quality, service and customer oriented company
  • we are the largest stockist of shelf companies in South Africa
  • all of our employees stick to our corporate principles
  • we are a South African company and adhere to South African virtues.
  • we have an inhouse team of managers, tax practitioners, accountants and lawyers.
  • we have a large database of client references from customers around South Africa
  • we have access to a well-functioning network of experts in several business areas in South Africa